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highest quality preserved flowers

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Your preserved bouquet or arrangement is uniquely designed with the highest quality preserved flowers. They are 100% natural and are extremely resistant and long lasting. With the right care, you can enjoy your natural bouquet for months even years.

Premium Bouquets

Imported from Europe and South America

Non-toxic Preservation

100% natural, having undergone a preservation process with a plant-based and bio-degradable liquid.

Extended Life

Extremely resistant and long lasting. With care, you can enjoy your natural bouquet for months or even years.

Lisa V
Lisa V

over 25 Years of experience in floral design

From a very early age Lisa V has been passionate for design. During her first year of college as an undergraduate Business Management student her passion became a reality when she launched her first business as a floral designer and wedding consultant. While creating event designs she seized every opportunity to transform spaces even for those on a limited budget. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves a memorable wedding that they can be proud of, regardless of the budget.

Lisa V has created extraordinary events and spaces from backyard weddings to high profile celebrity homes. Her work was recently featured in The New York Times. Her dedication to ingenuity and noteworthy design have led her to develop Fiorebela which affords brides the opportunity to acquire a bridal bouquet that has been exquisitely designed with preserved flowers, retaining its beauty for over a year when properly cared for.

Featured in
The New York Times

“Lisa V Company was the best decision I made while planning my wedding. She has great ideas and visions and brings them to life. She goes above and beyond and there are no impossibilities with her. Your day will become a dream come true with Lisa V Company!!!”

— Alyssa Rivera  
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Bridal Collection: Designed with world-renowned designer
Preston Bailey
Preston Bailey Headshot
Stunning bridal bouquets designed by Preston Bailey and Lisa V.

Named as one of the best wedding designers in the world by Vogue Magazine, Preston Bailey has been globally- celebrated for his unique ability to transform ordinary spaces into lush, theatrical environments. This has helped to establish him as the premier event designer for a client roster that includes celebrities, royal families, CEO’s and athletes. Since opening his design studio in 1980, Preston has been sought out to create one-of-a-kind, transformative designs that serve as backdrops for some of the most memorable moments of his clients’ lives.

Lisa V has collaborated with world-renowned event designer, Preston Bailey on several projects including a destination wedding in his home country of Panama for Baseball  Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera and his wife Clara.

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We’ve designed a patented plexiglass case with you in mind. Your bridal bouquet will arrive in this one-of-a-kind case and allow you to display and protect your heirloom.

With removable platforms included in the case, your bouquet not only can be beautifully displayed in its case but can also be removed and exhibited on a clear plexiglass platform to use as a centerpiece for any special occasion.

Patent for Fiorebela Briday BoxLuciana Bouquet
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